Workshop Papers
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Broadsky Workshop: Twinkling Stars for Beyond 5G/6G
Chair: Naoto Kadowaki, Director General Wireless Network Research Institute, NICT, Japan

NTN business prospect and R&D activities of SKY Perfect JSAT
Muneaki Ogawa, SKY Perfect JSAT, Japan

Mobile coverage expansion with Space-based cellular broadband network
Jeremy Fletcher, Rakuten Mobile, Japan

NTN Activities in CTTC
Miguel Ángel Vázquez, CTTC, Spain

Elevating Satellite Communication in NTN: Machine Learning Projects at the University of Luxembourg
Victor Monzon Baeza, Univ. of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Marcele Oliveira Kuhfuss de Mendonca, Univ. of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Mission proposal for high resolution time-transfer using small satellite demonstration platform
Cameron Frazier, AstroTerrace, Japan